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Lab & Pilot Equipment

OMVE designs, engineers, manufactures and supplies small-scale processing equipment for lab and pilot applications in the liquid food and food-related industries.

The main advantages of lab- and pilot-scale process equipment include:

No loss of production, while shutting down your production plant for trials; Reduced waste of ingredients, with the use of smaller batches starting at 3L products; Optimized resource usage – energy and utilities as well as product; & Early-stage studies and research on new recipes that can shorten time to market.

Our equipment is designed according to proven scale-up principles. We are committed to allowing our customers as much flexibility as possible in their research and testing activities. To ensure this, our equipment simulates the production process in a way that’s precise and accurate, enabling you to easily scale-up your recipes to your process plant. Furthermore, we offer you the option of upgrading your lab and pilot equipment in order to expand your own product portfolio.


  • Carbonate
  • FatsOils
  • AlcoholicDrinks
  • DairySoy
  • IceCream
  • Nutraceuticals
  • SoupSauces
  • Packaging
  • StillDrinks

CanNeed Instruments

Assured Quality Control Instruments and total solution for all Can-making, Canning, Brewery and Beverage industries.

SterMat – Sanitising Entrance Foot Baths

SterMat Foot Baths